Flyover Tapas Returns on May 18!


The chives have returned! Surely a sign that spring is definitely here.

It’s time for a short hiatus, dear readers! Between conferences, the end of the semester, and an upcoming half-marathon, I won’t be able to devote the time necessary to post quality information. But fear not–my return will coincide with the opening of farmers markets and the start of Midwestern food bounty! Think radishes, rhubarb, greens tender and bitter, not to mention herbs. Until then, enjoy your spring and I’ll see you mid-May!


For Leftover Candy–Presenting the Peeps-Nini!

So You’ve Eaten Your Share of Peeps, But Still Have Some Left Over

And you’re wondering–how do I use Peeps culinarily? Okay, maybe you’re saving some until they get nice and stale (hey, connoisseurs like the best this way!) Maybe you have some earmarked for a special meal (I usually eat a sleeve prior to running a half-marathon, because hey, carbo-loading!) Maybe you are keeping some for next year’s Washington Post Peeps Diorama contest. Still, you might have some Peeps that are waiting to be incorporated into some sort of gastronomic marvel. Well, Peep-le, look no further. Presenting the Peeps-nini! This molten version of a peanut butter and marshmallow creme sandwich is just the thing for your Easter leftovers.

And the Flyover Connection is…

None. None whatsoever, except that I first created it in Indiana (though I did subsequently share it on another website). Peeps are actually the product of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania’s Just Born candy company

Peeps-Nini–the Recipe!

This panino (yeah, panini is actually plural, but that “i” sounding like a long “e” just sounds kitschier) is just the ticket when you’re tired of savory dinner and, dagnabit, you just want something SWEET for dinner!

What You’ll Need

  • bowl(s)
  • panini press or heavy skillet (if using skillet, you’ll also need a pancake turner to press down on the sandwich)
  • cutting board
  • bread knife
  • knife for spreading butters



  • peanut butter (I like homemade or natural)
  • softened butter (about a tablespoon or two)
  • sturdy bread
  • 4 Marshmallow Peeps

How to Make the Peep-Nini

  1. Cut two slices of bread, if you are starting with a whole loaf (or take two slices from your presliced loaf
  2. Preheat your panini press [or skillet, if using, to medium or medium-high (if using a stainless steel skillet, you can wait on this step until right before you heat the sandwich, as they heat up fairly quickly)]
  3. Butter the outside of one slice of bread and place it on your board, butter side down.
  4. Spread peanut butter on top of that bread slice.
  5. Place the Peeps on top of the peanut butter. DON’T LOOK AT THEIR EYES! Otherwise, you may not have the heart to subject them to the intense heat.
  6. Peeps_2BGrilled

    I said not to look at their eyes!

  7. Put a thin schmear of peanut butter on the second bread slice.
  8. Place second slice of bread on top of the Peeps.
  9. PeepNini Before

  10. Butter the top of the second slice.
  11. Put the sandwich in the panini press and put the lid down. Cook until the Peeps start to melt and get gooey.
  12. If using a skillet, add some butter to the skillet, then add the sandwich and press down on it (and cook until the bread crisps up). Turn the sandwich over and cook, pressing down, until the Peeps get melty.
  13. GooeyGoodness

  14. Serve immediately.
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