And It’s Finally Finished–A New Flyover Kitchen Beckons!

After almost 8 weeks without a working kitchen, my remodeling project is finished! The contractor’s been paid and I’ve placed dishes and spices and measuring tools, etc., in the new cabinets. The place has been dusted and vacuumed (and I’ll have the carpets professionally cleaned shortly)–it got to the point where I was able to write “wash me” on the living room’s coffee table. Initially I tried to keep up with the dusting, but the exposed surfaces got too filthy too fast. So, I’m going to share with you some BEFORE and AFTER pictures.

Where It All Began

Yes, it was dated. Very dated. For all I know, the cabinets were original to the 1961 construction of the house. The range was a cheap electric coil model circa 2003). The dishwasher, also 2003 (before I bought the house and moved in), did a great job of getting dishes wet, though not necessarily clean. The bulkhead lighting was bright and brightly unattractive. The vinyl floor showed every cat hair (and I have a black cat).

That said, I was happy. It was the largest kitchen I’d ever lived in on my own. Many happy times were had in that space, including the preparation of a 4-person Sabayon1. I figured that if I was happy in the OLD kitchen, I’d only be happier in the NEW one!


Old stove, old dishwasher, old cabinets
Not the most stylish of cabinets!
Still Life with Old Porcelain Sink and Latex Glove
The door (flimsy and lightweight) from kitchen to garage

And Where It All Wound Up

Gone are the old cabinets, replaced with flat panel maple cabinets extending to the ceiling (which also means the bulkhead lights were replaced with recessed can lights in the ceiling). The old IKEA table (not shown) with its rickety four chairs was bid farewell (in the family for over 20 years!); a hand-me-down from my parents, they’d resided in four states (PA, DE, IA, and IN). In its place, an island was constructed (with pendant lights). The flooring was replaced by porcelain tiles and the doorway between kitchen and dining room was widened by 16 inches (thus opening up the entire area). And a gas line was plumbed so I could get a gas range. This, plus a dishwasher that actually cleans dishes even when you forget to add a detergent pod, was installed. Finishing the look was a glass-tiled backsplash.


The widened doorway replaced the wizened one
New appliances, new backsplash (there hadn’t been one previously), new cabinets, new countertop (quartz, replacing laminate), new sink
Check out the semicircular range hood!
My desert kitchen island (with pendants!)
Pendants up close
View from behind the island–note the undercabinet LED lights
Now We’re Cooking with Gas! And a new range hood!

Well, now to relearn cooking. I’m still getting used to power burners, etc., but Flyover Tapas will return to its regularly scheduled programming of the Culinary Geography of the Midwest shortly!


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  1. It looks stunning, Petra! Well-worth the wait. I should compare notes with you about the agonies of remodeling our kitchen and the promise that it would be ready for Thanksgiving didn’t pan out; we were still using make-shift particle boards as countertop over the new cabinets when family arrived for Christmas!

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