The Milk Stands Alone: Traders Point Creamline Whole Milk

Let me start by saying that I’ve never been one to drink much milk. Sure, after the inhalation of a mass of cookies, well yes, but not in the way of looking forward to drinking a glass of milk. My brother loved milk, but I only liked it in a bowl of Cocoa Krispies (which turned it into chocolate milk!) And I only drank it because I HAD to (the usual kid reason—Mom made me drink it, which I vowed to myself I’d stop doing once I became a grownup).

I am now chronologically a “grownup”, even though I still feel like a kid1. I have the mortgage, the crow’s feet, and the junk mail from life insurance companies to show for it. And milk is still an “ingredient” as opposed to a beverage. That is, I still don’t drink milk.

Well, I don’t USUALLY drink milk. There is one exception—Traders Point Creamline Milk, a product of Zionsville, Indiana’s Traders Point Creamery that I buy at Muncie’s Downtown Farm Stand.


So, what is so special about Traders Point Creamline Milk? Let’s start with the cream. Maybe you’re old enough to remember when milk came in bottles (this one does!) and had a layer of cream on top which, if you were lucky, you got to eat (or else you shook the bottle to reincorporate the cream back into the milk. Homogenization is the process that blends two liquids that don’t dissolve together. With homogenization, the milk fat globules are made smaller and then spread throughout the liquid milk. Thus, the milk fat is distributed evenly throughout. Today’s commercially available milk is largely homogenized, so that delectable layer of cream is missing. However, Traders Point milk is not homogenized and a layer of cream (sometimes over an inch thick!) can be found at the top of the bottle.

Traders Point milk is also the product of grassfed cows that graze on pasture free of pesticides. This grassfed and certified organic milk is higher in Omega 3 fatty acid and Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), both of which can potentially improve health. Milk from grassfed cows is also higher in beta-carotene.

Traders Point milk comes from Brown Swiss cows, a breed that originated in the Alps (I guess the “Swiss” part is a clue!). The subtly gray-brown colored Brown Swiss are hardy, having been bred to withstand the difficult alpine climate with its strong, cold winters. They have docile natures and require much less attention than some other breeds. Still, they aren’t as common as other breeds, such as Holstein. The milk of the Brown Swiss (and they are prolific producers!) has a fat (4%) to protein (3.5%) ratio that seems ideal for cheesemaking (and there’s a lot of that at Traders Point Creamery).

Traders Point Creamline Milk is my go-to milk (and yes, I do use it as an ingredient!) Traders Point became the first Indiana organic dairy farm to win certification from the USDA. While they might be known more for their cheeses and drinkable yogurts, their milk gets a special nod of approval from me!

1When, exactly, does one actually FEEL like a grownup? Apparently, a mortgage doesn’t do it. I’ve asked other adults this question and no one seems to know the answer. Nor do most of them (at least the fun ones!) feel grown up. I guess it really is okay to feel like a kid.


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